Favorite Food of 2015

I started a tradition back in 2010 of keeping an annual running list of the most delicious bites of food I had throughout the year. It's a nerdy foodie habit, I know, but one that helps me remember (rather than consume and quickly forget) the delicious gift of food and the art with which it can be created. As the late Robert Farrar Capon said (in The Supper of the Lamb), "We were given appetites, not to consume the world and forget it, but to taste its goodness and hunger to make it great.”

Below are my most memorable food tastes, both savory and sweet, of the "resident goodness of creation" in 2015:

Top 10 Savory

  1. Odys and Penelope (Los Angeles): Maple rosemary glazed Niman Ranch pork ribs
  2. Ad Hoc (Yountville, Calif): Chilaquiles with smoked chicken
  3. Odys and Penelope (Los Angeles): Smoked lamb lettuce cups, green hummus, pickled onions, yogurt, mint
  4. Barrio (Bend, Oregon): Grilled green beans tossed w/lemon, manchego, olive oil, almonds, crispy jamon
  5. Salsipuedes (Panama City, Panama): Coconut curry chicken with jasmine rice, mango chutney, red peppercorns and marshmallow
  6. City Social (London): Risotto of ceps, crispy veal sweetbread, truffle mascarpone, Madeira glaze
  7. Rabot 1745 (London): Cacao marinated chicken and papaya salad, tamarind-coconut dressing
  8. Dabbawal (Jesmond, UK): Bhel puri and sweet potato chaat
  9. Taco Maria (Costa Mesa): Chili Relleno with roasted chile, crab, potato, salsa Veracruzana
  10. Bar Siena (Chicago): Smoked potato soup, crispy pancetta, fontina grilled cheese

Top 10 Sweet

  1. Odys and Penelope (Los Angeles): Chocolate pie, rye crust, Spanish peanut crumble, vanilla-malted ice cream
  2. Kira Joy’s Kitchen (Orange, Calif): Gluten free coconut cake
  3. Sepia (Chicago): Brown butter cake, maple rum ice cream, cranberry, parsnip
  4. B.S. Taqueria (Los Angeles): Churros with chile de arbol-chocolate
  5. Rabot 1745 (London): Flourless chocolate-almond cake, 78% Saint Lucian mousse, Earl Grey and cacao shell sorbet
  6. Ad Hoc (Yountville): Blackberry Panna Cotta with Meringue and shortbread crumble
  7. Les Fenêtres (Marseille, France): Passion fruit four ways
  8. Ad Hoc (Yountville): Gluten free chocolate chip pancakes
  9. Natural Selection (Portland): Blueberry crumble with basil sorbet
  10. Beckie’s Cafe (Prospect, Oregon): Mixed berry pie